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Hello, everyone..

My name is Lynne, and I first wrote The Little Website That Could book back in 2000. It took me 7 years to create that book, based on my experiences in e-commerce since I first got on the Internet in 1994. 

I started supporting computers in 1985, beginning with Windows 1.0. Over the years, I got onto the Internet in 1994, wrote the book, (some of my readers are millionaires) then went on to create even more e-commerce stores. 

While in the Air Force, I was an electronics instructor and really loved teaching people. 

I got my degree in Computers, my certification in Computer Network Engineering, and continued working for quite a few companies supporting computer systems. 
I retired from both careers and became a digital and conventional artist, selling my work on my website and also on Amazon. 

I began to hear a lot of buzz on the Internet about something called Shopify and began to learn as much as I could about it. 

At the same time, I started to read discussion boards on Shopify and group discussions on Facebook. I saw a lot of people complaining about how confused they were and how the shopify store was just too hard to set up. 

I have really missed helping people, so I decided to bring back "The Little Website That Could" concept. The book is since out of print, but I want to help people build their e-commerce stores again. 

It's fun, exciting, and there's nothing more thrilling than seeing those orders in your email every morning when you wake up. 

I hope you'll follow me on this journey to help those who really want to have an exciting business using Shopify. 

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