Chapter 14 of Shopify Instruction Series - Making Your Customers Feel Safe About Shopping With You

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Hello, everyone. 

I've been away for awhile, and I apologize for that. I've been building a new e-commerce platform, and it got bigger than I expected. 

In this lesson, I'll talk about ways you can make your customers feel safe about shopping with you. 

Just in case you didn't know, there are such things as "unsecure" forms and "secure" forms on the Internet. I run into "unsecure" forms online asking me to enter private information almost once a week. 

It's not really important that you know all the technical methods for making a form secure, but it is important to know whether or not you're entering your information into a form that isn't. Often, it's lack of knowledge by the programmer or it's trying to save money and cut corners. More often than not, a company isn't aware they have forms that aren't secure until someone like me informs them of it. 

If a website says it has SSL, this means the forms you submit with them when ordering or filling out your personal information cannot be intercepted by hackers. 

Your customers will want to know your shopping cart is secure. It's your job to make sure they know your website is safe for them to purchase from. 

Just a side note: I also offer my customers the opportunity to send their order by fax or money order if they don't feel safe ordering online. 

Let's say you're on a website page that is asking you for your personal information. 
They want, for example, your Social Security Number, your birthdate, or your credit card information. 

If you were to take a moment and right-click on that form you're being asked to fill out (using Firefox browser in this example), you might see this: 

Look in the image where it says "Type." This is in another store I have that does not have secure pages, it turns out. The secure pages are only in the shopping cart. I was testing this provider at the time and discovered this. You can see that the Type is " text/html." This is NOT secure. This means there's no security encryption here. 

It should say: "128 bit encryption SSL" if it is secure. 

This provider charges you $99.00 just to secure your store with SSL. NOT OK. If you are paying for an e-commerce website, you should be getting a secure store. The problem with a site like this is that if visitors try to click on a link to your store from a cellphone, tablet, or some place like Twitter, they will get a huge warning that says "This is an unsecure site. Do you want to continue?"  or something related to that. 
It would look something like this: 

Do you think they would continue to your store? Most likely, the majority of them would not. 
You don't have to worry about Shopify stores, as they have SSL encryption all over them. How can you tell besides right-clicking on a page? 

You can tell when you visit your store because it will say: 

instead of:

See the difference? The "s" at the end of http means the site is secure. 

Anyway, I'll no longer be testing that provider as you might've guessed by now. Their stores are not suited to a lot of transactions that require 128 bit encryption. 

You'll want your shoppers to feel safe. There are too many other reasons for them to abandon your shopping cart. The recent Equifax breach of personal information has made everyone nervous.

You'll want to add some indications on your store that tells your customers everything they submit to your store is secure. 

 You can assure them through the following methods: 

1) There's an app from Shopify called McAfee Secure. It's free and puts a badge on your store in the bottom right corner. You can see it in this screenshot. It's the red and white badge at the bottom corner. 

2) You can see another way I tell customers they are shopping on a secure site just above that. It says "Verified Secure Website." You can find images like this on Google if you want to add one to your store's pages. 

I created this using the Theme Editor by making it a single, featured image. 

3) One more way to do this to make your customers feel secure is to edit your shopping cart in your Theme Editor (see our instructions in Chapter 11 how to do this here:

 You can add images or text, assuring your customers their information is secured by SSL. 
Just a side note: Merchant accounts that process credit card orders for you actually require SSL on your store. It's something they've always required. 

To see the video for this lesson, it's here: 

In our next lesson, you'll learn how to make more complicated shipping rules so you can offer free shipping when customers purchase a certain dollar amount of items. Keep watching this space for more instruction series blog posts. 

See you then! 

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