Chapter 8 of Shopify Instruction Series - Element 3 Of A Million Dollar Store - Creating A Sense of Urgency

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Hello everyone! 

This lesson involves creating excitement and urgency in your buyer. There's a free gift in this blog post for you. (Yay)

The last thing you want to do is "bum out" your buyer. When the buyer gets to your store, they are probably excited about your products. 

Many things can kill their excitement, though. 

(1) Confusion about how your site works
(2) Lousy Photos
(3) Terrible descriptions of your products
(4) Eye straining colors

Many other things, too. 

Whether you examine your store for obvious problems on your own or with help from others is entirely your call, but...

Another set of eyes can't possibly hurt. 

You have to have a thick skin as a business owner and be able to take constructive criticism from customers. 

You can't get all "butt hurt" about bad reviews or complaints. They serve a very useful purpose. 

They're not attacking you personally. They're giving you valuable insight you've never had before. 

So make sure your store is clean, tight, and minimal. Then go after the words. 

I consider something like this LYING if it's in the description, and you're lying about the stock levels just to encourage people to buy. It's possible there really is a sale going on here, but in most cases it's just for show. This is a lazy way to invoke urgency or excitement in a buyer. 

Eventually, this type of dishonesty is going to come back to bite the store owner. I happen to know this store is dropshipping everything, so they probably have an endless supply of product. 

You don't have to agree with me on this. It's your store. There are just much better ways to encourage a visitor to buy.

If you've written really fantastic copy that evokes emotion and grabs them, you don't need magic tricks or lies. 

They've got a problem. You've got a solution. Tell them in detail how you're going to solve their problem. 

 You've seen great sales copy before. Yes, you'll have to sell to them. Talk to them like they're one of your friends who needs advice about a pressing problem. 

You see, this whole thing is really about helping people. Not just about getting wealthy. 
The great Zig Ziglar once said, "Help enough other people get what they want, and you'll get what you want." 

It's completely your choice how you want your business to grow, of course. The money will come, though, as long as you keep solving their problems. 

Money is great, but what's even greater is a strong business that lasts a lifetime with loyal customers always coming back to see what you're offering next. 

Write really great copy. If you don't take shortcuts or tell lies, they'll feel a sense of urgency to buy your products. 

Help them imagine what it will feel like when your product arrives in their mailbox. How it will feel owning it. Give them a sense of the exhilaration they'll feel. 
Otherwise, they'll buy only once and never come back. It's also very likely they won't buy at all. It's about trust. 

Make them really "feel" something when they read your product descriptions. 

I've included a link to a free ebook download of a book with 623 Great Sales Expressions to help you write your sales copy. You'll absolutely love them! They're pretty incredible. I just wish I could remember who gave it to me over 20 years ago. I just can't remember. Anyway, 
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See you in the next lesson. 


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