The "Annoying Your Customer" Factor

Did you know? Visitors to your online store may grow tired of the pop up email opt-in boxes in their face. They will probably also grow weary of the app that pops up on the screen telling them: “Someone from Somewhere bought something. “

It is only my humble opinion. (After I’ve been on the Internet 23 yrs, that crap gets tired) it may work for you, but I encourage you to at least test your store without them, then with them. 
Try making your popups for opt-ins less obtrusive by positioning them in the top-right corner or at the bottom of the screen. Your visitors will appreciate it. 
After users have seen so many stores with those annoyances, it’s distracting when you just want to shop for something. Just my humble opinion, of course.
- Lynne  😃

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