The Equifax Security Breach And What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

You say my Credit Score is 350? 

To all our friends & customers: 
We heard the news story about hackers stealing 45% of America's population from the Equifax system (credit reporting). We wanted to let you know that it is imperative that you LOCK your credit report with them at: 
It costs you NOTHING. 
Why is this so important? It allows absolutely NO ONE to take out credit in your name until you lift the freeze. You will be able to lift the freeze at any time in the future, but it is critical that you do lock it for now. 
P.S. Our CEO keeps her credit reports (all 4) locked at all times until she is in a situation where she needs to get credit for something. 
If your credit reports are on a security freeze, this means that anyone who tries to take out credit with your personal information gets a rejection. 
JUST MAKE SURE YOU PRINT OUT YOUR PIN # for your security freeze when you're finished completing the online form.
Here's where you can put a security freeze on your other credit bureau reports:
We're providing this information to protect our friends and customers


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